Nglambor Beach for snorkeling

Nglambor Beach — in general the waves in the southern seas are like drugs with high intensity but endanger visitors who want to swim and most beaches in the southern seas provide a beautiful panorama, but in Nglambor beach in Gunung Kidul you can also enjoy snorkeling.
This is also what might make many people go to Bali or Papua for snorkeling or diving to the sea floor. Now you don’t need to go far outside Java to snorkel.

One of the beaches is Nglambor beach, it is in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The location is still the same on the southern sea coast, but the difference is the presence of two giant coral reefs that guard the edge of this beach.

Even if you decide to walk you will not feel loss because the scenery presented to the beach location is very beautiful. Expanse of vast sea with clear water and some coral reefs.

Slither on the right and left side of the Nglambor beach you will find two cliffs of Karang that stand firmly guarding the Nglambor beach area. These two cliffs of the Reef are also the ones who drive the fierce South Coast waves.

Thanks to the two coral cliffs, namely “Watu Kalong” and “Watu Kuntul” the Nglambor beach area can be used as a snorkeling location. The two cliffs of the Reef drive the waves to protect the coral reefs on the Nglambor beach.

The slank of the existence of two of Exotis Pantai Nglambor’s coral reefs also presents a number of permanent residents in the form of fish from the types of Seargeant Major, Jambron, and several small fishes which turned out to be cultivated by the surrounding community.

Holding the tradition of “Ngalangi” the people around the beach nglambor forbid visitors and the surrounding community from taking and catching fish species and coral reefs around the Nglambor coast.

fish that become permanent residents of the Nglambor beach and also conservation for coral reefs that live on the Nglambor coast.

So don’t be surprised if you go there and still see the exoticism of the Nglambor beach that grows naturally and is well guarded by the surrounding community. You as a visitor must also be obliged to preserve the nature of the beach in Nglambor.