About Java

Java Island located at the Shouthern of Indonesia.  To the west is bordered by Sumatra island and on the east by Bali island.

The Java island is administratevly divided by six province : Banten, Capital District of Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta Special Region, Central Java, East Java.

Five largest and most populous city in Indonesia are in Java, namely, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya.

According to some Historians, the Javanese ancestors, namely “Homo Erectus” it is characterized by the discovery of Homo Erectus Fossils along the Bengawan Solo River. They live about 1.7 million years ago. Homo Erecturs became also name as “Java Man”.

There are some interesting Java Indonesia facts, they are :

  • The 13th largest islands in the world
  • Java is the most populous in the world
  • There 33 volcanoes in Java island
  • The Javanese are the largest tribe in Indonesia
  • Fascinating landscape, rich in variety, with lush, evergreen ricefields
  • Endless sandy beaches and steps cliffs at the wild, roaring Indian Ocean
  • Unspoiled nature in National Park with tropical and Savanna-like flora and fauna
  • Ancient monuments of Hindu, Buddhis, Islamic Cultures
  • Continuation of traditions, mythological beliefs and rites
  • Melodies and Gamelan Music, also courtly dances at Sultan Palace at Yogyakarta and Solo.
  • Hospitality and the enchanting smile of the gentle Javanese
  • A wide variety of home industries creating many different handicrafts, bustling markets, and interesting museums.
  • A sometime surreal, sometime harmonious mix tradition and modern.

Lets yourself go for the ADVENTURE OF JAVA



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