West Sumatra

West Sumatra is one of the most beautiful areas of Indonesia. It is mountainous and divided by three valleys. There are lovely lakes and spectacular volcanoes.
The land of the Minangkabau, West Sumatra has a distinct culture, which distinguishes it from the rest of the island.

Indonesia ranked #6 the most beautiful country in the world on a new list

The famous British publisher, Rough Guides, recently held a global poll about the most beautiful country in the world. As a result, Indonesia is ranked sixth in the world, but the most beautiful in the Asian.

The results of the Rough Guides poll confirmed Indonesia’s position as a world-class tourist destination.

What is interesting from Indonesia according to the netizens? Many. From the rural atmosphere, the calm of the remote islands, to the towering mountain peaks. Indonesia is considered very attractive because it has 17,508 islands from west to east which have an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna.They mentioned temples and surfing spots in Bali as some of the popular tourist attractions in Indonesia.
and they are fascinated by customs, cuisine and languages. Bali is known for its temples and world-class surfing points, Lombok because of its charming beaches, wild orangutans in its natural habitat, and so on.