Overland Tour

Overland tours Sumatra, Central Java, East Java and Bali island are interesting which is the tour mix the Nature, Culture, Ethnic and Volcanoes tour to be one destination to visit Indonesia Archipelago
and experience the incredible and diverse beauty of Indonesia by land journeys.

In Sumatra, our Overland journey rewards you with experiences of both spectacular beauties and rich cultural of the Batak People in the north and the Minangkabau people in the west. Meet the Orangutan at Bukit Lawang including Kayaking trip and washing elephant in Tangkahan – North Sumatra, you explore the gigantic Lake Toba and traditional villages nearby with their exotic art & cultures. While in the West, witness some of the most exciting scenery you’ll ever see: Peaks looming over deep canyon and splendid sheltered valleys, villages perched atop deep ravines, terraces rice fields and the crater lakes formed by massive volcanic faulting and the beautiful traditional villages in the green landscapes.

In Java, we take you to experience one of the world’s classic overland routes. Your “journey through time” of Java Bali Overland begins in Jakarta and travels through lush Indonesian countryside to Bali. You climb Mount Bromo, enjoy superb beaches and discover remnants of Indonesia’s past empires, including a visit to extraordinary Borobudur Temple (The Largest Buddhist Temple) and Prambanan Temple (One of the biggest Hindu Temple in the world).

Our Bali – Lombok Overland trip shows you the best that the island have to offer from terraced rice fields and towering volcanoes to magnificent, tropical, sandy beaches. You may witness the unique local customs and crafts such as traditional weaving and pottery, and visit the indigenous Sasak people in Lombok.